Reviewing Girls’ Generation’s Final Songs As a 9 Piece

It’s not secret Girls’ Generation are not only the most popular and successful girlband of the past decade by a mile, so the uproar and heartache from fans over Jessica leaving the group recently is totally understandable and expected. GG have a special place in my heart, and though I did not want their end to play out like this, (okay I realize they aren’t done, but it will never be the same going forward), it seems fitting that their final release as a group would be a Best Of album highlighting the moments that made so many of us the hardcore fans we are today.

The album titled “Best Of (New Edition)” is actually a repackage of a greatest hits album released in Japan a few months back. It’s a really cheap cash grab, but honest the drama playing out behind the scenes is so upsetting that I won’t choose to focus on the groups ploys for extra dollars from fans. The album features 4 brand new tracks, and they are all pretty decent send off songs.

1. “Indestructible“: The ironically titled track was actually being used as their 7th anniversary theme song. It’s a smooth R&B/pop ballad that has the girls singing about how they are unbreakable. Poorly timed, but I do like the song a lot. It’s very pretty the sentiment expresses how all Sones feel about their favorite group.

2. “Divine“: The repackage single. This song is really good. In fact, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s not on the same level that “Time Machine” was on, but it’s still a great ballad. Knowing this will be their final single as a full group is fitting. The music video is terribly shot, with camera angles so close up that at first I thought I was watching a fan made bootleg or something. It isn’t until the final few seconds you get to actually see all the girls together. Kind of a sad moment, but I’m glad the video was shot before the drama began.

3. “Chain Reaction“: A fun electro-pop track. Not good enough to be a single, but definitely good enough to fit on any of GG’s Japanese albums. This was the sound that they focused on in Japan with great results every time.

4. “Show Girls“: Okay, so this song is kind of a mess. It has fun moments, like the horn loop in the chorus for example, but the song over all is kind of cringe worthy. It’s the type of song Koda Kumi would release. Probably will end up being the track I listen to least on this album.


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