Steve Aoki Releases “Neon Future I” Album

I’ve always enjoyed Steve Aoki productions as they tend to be frivolous fun and typically put more of an emphasis on being catchy rather than taking unneeded risks for the sake of credibility and artistry. His last album “Wonderland” was pretty good, though I won’t deny I kind of slept on it.

As I listened to his new offering “Neon Future I” released last week, I gave his previous material another listen for reference only to realize Steve Aoki is basically making the type of music the Black Eyed Peas would be releasing if they were still tossing out awkwardly titled albums like “The E.N.D.” or whatever. Much like BEP, Steve Aoki is at his best when fully submerged in total unapologetic silliness. Pandering club tracks like “Rage The Night Away” and “Delirious (Boneless)” stand out upon first listen due to their practically dangerous levels of fun. They are the type of tracks a person would want to toward the beginning of a night out clubbing when the energy levels are still at their peak, (but of course late enough to already be at a level 7 out of 10 hyphy).

Big room electro house track “Free The Madness” and poppier cuts like “Afroki” featuring Diet-Katy Perry singer Bonnie McKee add some verity to the mix and are pretty easy to listen to. The only real tracks on the album that don’t overly excite (apart from the intro and outro which I do not count as tracks) are the dub-step influenced indie hybrid “Get Me Outta Here,” and the rock influenced “Back To Earth,” mainly because both lack the fun of the rest of the record.

I personally love rooting for non-pretentious musicians who don’t mind being low-brow in the name of fun. With so many artists stealing production and writing credits for unwarranted credibility, or pretentiously manifesting their generic pop music is highly evolved artistry beyond normal human comprehension, it’s always nice to see someone make a record with honest intentions.


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