Joey Moe Releases “Joey” Album

I used to seriously love Danish R&B artist Joey Moe. From his debut single “Flip It (Like A DJ)” to his extremely good albums “Grib Natten” and “Fuldmåne,” his music was pretty damn impressive. Sadly I wasn’t that into “Midnat” or his absolutely horrific English language album “Aurora,” but brand new album “Joey” is much better than expected and makes me want to jump back on the JM bandwagon.

The album doesn’t have the EDM/R&B hybrid sound from his previous releases, but it is definitely still very R&B. As whole, the album is a really smooth and doesn’t feature a whole lot of filler. It doesn’t feature the overblown run time of “Midnat” by having 40 tracks, which makes the overall listening experience swift and enjoyable. The stand out tracks from the album are by far the ballads. I am not really a ballad person generally speaking, but I do love a good hook, and there are plenty of them on this album. Overall I am very pleased with this release!

Since nothing on the album is viewable online, (every track is pretty much region restricted from viewing outside of Denmark), let us enjoy a few of Joey’s finest hits from previous albums in celebration of his return:


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