Serebro Release Amazing New Single “Ne nado boljnee”

The worlds currently greatest (non-Asian) girl band Serebro has released the audio for a new single titled “Ne nado boljnee” and just like all of their releases, it’s amazing. I was going to wait until the video dropped to review it, but I will just write a follow up post when it debuts as I love this track enough to write about it twice. Much like last years ICONIC “Malo Tebya”, this song starts out kind of slow and moody before turning into an electro smash. It would seem the girls have abandoned their old formula of being as trashy and campy as they possibly can and adopted a new sleeker and moodier concept. While I do miss crass like “Sexy Ass”, this song is good enough for me to not miss the old Serebro too much. I hope the video keeps with their typical shtick for shock value, (their last video glamorized rape and domestic violence against women). Only time will tell!


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