7 Times Orange Caramel Proved To Be The Most Uniquely Awesome Act Alive Vol. 1

Pop girl bands typically take one one of a very few available forms and stick with it in hopes of one day becoming successful, or keeping success they’ve been lucky enough to achieve. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good manufactured soulless act, but I can no longer ignore the unique and quirky genius of Orange Caramel. OC basically invented the now normalized “sub-unit” trend as they are just 3 members from a larger girl band called After School. After School while also iconic, generally take on the typical sexy girl band persona which tends to blend them into the sea of groups releasing pop globally. Orange Caramel on the other hand take an inventive approach, deciding to dress up as mermaid sushi rolls or iconic video game characters instead of your typical seductresses. From their look to their dance moves to even their song selections, nothing about OC3 is generic. Let’s take a look at my likely first of many iconic moments lists ( in random nonsensical order in honor of OC), where my life was changed by these quirky queens:

4. The time they told the heart breaking story of how mermaids feel when being auctioned off at sushi bars in “Catallena”:

2. Double dutching on stage while dressed as Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen for no reason in the middle of summer (seriously):

6. Their extremely iconic “Lipstick” music video about a soap opera table tennis love triangle (Twilight who?):

3. This strange Wonder Woman inspired fuckery:

1.  That time they dressed up as Chun-Li from Street Fighter and knocked the competition out:

7. The music video for “My Copycat” which is a giant interactive puzzle game:

5. This McDonalds inspired performance where they dress up as French fries while Big Macs dance behind them:


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