Time to Check in on Hilary Duff’s Comeback

Before going into Hilary Duff’s latest single releases, I would like to just state for the record “Dignity” is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. I really didn’t need a new Hilary Duff comeback as that album was so good it will easily last me the rest of my life, but I totally welcome a return from Queen HD. Obviously pop has changed since that album dropped, so a new sound is crucial for Disney Channel’s classiest legend. She has chosen to pick up a folksier version of her original pop/rock sound and I am very pleased with it.

Buzz track “Chasing The Sun” got a ton of hate online, and I can see why, but I loved it. It serves me Starbucks pumpkin spice latte teas with it’s folk/pop sound and bubble gum harmony. The cheap video is even low-key cute. Sure, it plays out like a crappy Katherine Heigl rom-com, but I like it as much as I possibly can all things considered.

Official first single “All About You” on the other hand is an unappreciated smash. I live for the country twang and PG-13 lyrical content. For Hilary, this is edgy. The video is just as cheap as the CTS video, but it’s a bit better. There is a dance routine in it, (if you can even call it that), where Hilary serves Britney Spears on Good Morning America vibes with her non-bendable knees and lack of stage presence. Her hair is a mess and the lighting is not the greatest. I would call it a total success! So glad for these cheap “Play With Fire” era feels! I cannot wait for the new album to finally drop so HD can official save pop music!


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