T-ara Finally Release “Sugar Free” Remix Album and I’m Officially Bald

Legend-ara teased a remix album for their truly iconic and ground breaking anthem “Sugar Free” a few weeks ago but randomly postponed the release without and further information. It was truly a dark period for humanity, with fans of the 6 angels of Asia wandering the inter-webs for any information they could get their hands on like shipwreck survivor searching for signs of land. The 6 stages of grief after knowing the remix album wasn’t appearing online on September 15th was all too real, but now all depression has been miraculously cured worldwide thanks to the album appearing on iTunes last night! It was worth the torment and long wait.

The album is full of EDM smashes unlike anything South Korea has ever heard before. No other girlband in K-pop is even attempting this sort of next level artistry. The album features an English version that is ground breaking. Okay, so it’s probably not really sung by them, and the English lyrics sound like they copy and pasted the Korean lyrics into Google translate and pushed the “listen” button to hear Siri phonetically repeat the new translations back to them, but it’s iconic. I am here for lazy-ara picking up some drunken tourists from Oklahoma to record their vocals for them. This is the no-fucks-given type of attitude that makes me love T-ara even more than I thought possible. We have popstars writing and recording albums over a long stressful and costly periods of time only to have T-ara take a nap while a robot translates their lyrical content and have it be effortlessly superior to everything released this year! Queens of pop still making the haters mad!

Witness their new club video and English remix below:


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