Girls Generation Sub-Unit TTS Release “Holler”

As a sone on the verge of turning hater, (“Twinkle” was a mess and “Mr Mr” destroyed my ear drums), I wasn’t expecting anything from this new TTS comeback. I expected it to be some throw away crap with a cheesy chorus, but it’s actually really awesome and their best single since “I Got A Boy.” The track sort of reminds me of something the Spice Girls would have released in 1996, except sleeker and less quirky. It’s really fun and catchy, so I am very pleased.

The video is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Eleganza extravaganza! The sets are so detailed they look like an actual scouted location rather than a typical SME box on a sound stage. They sparkle and shimmer with each location more luxurious than the last. This video is basically candy for your eyes. I am very impressed with how gorgeous this video is. This is definitely their “Womanizer” after the cheap, tacky and poorly edited “Mr Mr” video, (their “Gimme More”). Job well done!


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