The King Of Pop M. Pokora Has Blessed Us With A New Teaser For Comeback Album “R.E.D.”

You all have no idea how long I have been waiting for M. Pokora to make a comeback. Like, I am literally writing this post about a teaser. There is not even a song release yet. Anyway, he’s been wasting time on whatever the French equivalent of Broadway is performing for his Robin Hood musical and performing sold out shows for his triple platinum album from a few years ago. I swear this man is everything. Anyhow, he has blesses us with a new teaser for a new album titled “R.E.D.” and it has potential. I’m not sure if this is the first single from the album, or if it is just an audio preview of things to come. Also unsure if the first single will be also titled “R.E.D.” but honestly who cares! Expect a ton of hardcore MP stanning coming over the next couple months! My king is back!


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