T-ara Simultaneously Serve Ultra Music Festival & Atkins Diet With “Sugar Free”

Partying harder than your fave

Usually when people talk about who the best girlband of all time is, they point to Destiny’s Child, the Spice Girls or TLC mainly because they know they have to. Society has peer pressured us all into reaffirming that these girl bands are the greatest of all time, when in reality all of us who aren’t slaves to the Illuminati and their mind control know that T-ara is the greatest girlband of all time! (Fun fact: T-ara are the only girl band among these mentioned who has had a 4 million copy selling single! Take that Michelle Williams!)
Anyhow, aside from my slaving away as a T-ara martyr, “Sugar Free” is pretty amazing. While every girl band towards the western hemisphere is doing Dr Luke-produced pop rock and every girl band in the east is rehashing the same mid-tempo saxophone sample, 6 legends T-ara are doing big room EDM complete with multiple druggy beat drops. This is like “One&One” except edgier and more European (if it could even be more European than “One&One”). It’s the type of iconic smash old flops like Mozart and Beethoven worked their entire lives to create but never succeeded. Slay-ara changing the K-pop game all while still acting like they don’t give a f*ck, which brings me to the video…

The video is basically them on a set lazily dancing to simple choreography and serving uninterested facial expressions. There is nothing about this video that shows the girls know anything about the type of music they are doing. This is the kind of half assed Britney Spears laziness that only true pop queens could get away with. The 6 angels of Asia don’t need to put a ton of effort into their comeback as they are already certified living legends. Now let me wrap up this review so I can go play “Sugar Free” on repeat and get my life to this Atkins diet anthem. I already feel like I’ve lost weight!

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2 Responses to T-ara Simultaneously Serve Ultra Music Festival & Atkins Diet With “Sugar Free”

  1. Kop says:

    Can u repost a new link? Post the official one uploaded by the coremidas not the leaked ones…

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