Understanding Komes & Bombs Away’s “Apple Juice And Vodka” On A Philosophical Level


On the surface Komes & Bombs Away’s “Apple Juice And Vodka” seems like yet another run-of-the-mill frat boy #SuperTurntUp EDM song, but I would have you dig a little deeper, past the obvious tatanka cocktail recipe, and see what is actually a song with a very strong socio-politically aware message.

As well all know, the apple juicing process is very commonly known metaphor for the death of individualism due to forced and unhealthy assimilation within our society. Apples are known for their great variety: we have red delicious, pink lady apples, Fuji apples and honey-crisp. We have green apples, bright red apples, yellow apples, blue apples and rainbow apples. We have candy apples grown specific to the candyland region and caramel apples. As these apples go in, they are ripped of their unique skin and textures, only to be sucked through ‘The Machine’ and pushed out into one generic substance! When you drink a glass of apple juice, can you differentiate between the apples used to make the drink? Of course not! Komes & Bombs Away are shining a light on how you can personally resist the machine and remain the individual you’ve always wanted to be. Encouraging messages like these are greatly needed within today’s society!

That brings us to the vodka. As well all know, all vodka comes from Russia, (facts based on stereotypes and Wikipedia are still facts). With Russia’s terrible policies on gay rights, which has had a huge spotlight placed on it thanks to progressive nations wanting change, “Apple Juice And Vodka” has pointed the (middle) finger straight at those vodka drinking Russians and demanded change! This song should clearly be up there with other freedom anthems as a song with historical significance. The wonders this song will do for the human rights campaign in Russia is not even fathomable.

And there you go. A song that not only covers pressing issues such as our nations need for the acceptance of people being who they want to be and also gay marriage, but it also gets the party started! “Apple Juice And Vodka” is one of those rare songs that really has something profound to say to it’s listener, and views it’s audience as the intellectual generation they truly are. Of course there will be those who do not understand the song. There will always be people out there who do not have a grasp of brilliant art, but hopefully this has helped educated them a bit by bringing all of this to light. 



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