The Months Best K-Pop Comebacks



After a pretty weak first half of 2014 material wise, K-pop has just put out a string of quality songs in a row. What kind of late hour slay? Among the brilliance we have Secret’s “I’m In Love”, Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat”, Ladies’ Code’s “Kiss Kiss”, Kara’s “Mamma Mia”, and Nasty Nasty’s “Knock”.

Let’s start off with the best of the bunch: Orange Caramel and Kara. These two tracks have mega-smash written all over them. “My Copycat” is basically a “Lipstick” 2.0 and like all OC releases the music video is seriously amazing. The entire video is an interactive game that you as the viewer can play. Kara’s “Mamma Mia” on the other hand is a major Dance Dance Revolution style euro-dance jam.

Ladies’ Code recently had a tragedy where one member passed away in a car crash, which is made even sadder by the fact that their most recent release is awesome. “Kiss Kiss” is pure disco bliss. Paired with both Secret’s and Nasty Nasty’s funky saxophone inspired tracks, this month has been really strong for K-pop. Thank god!







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