South African Boyband NRG Impress With “Roulette”

So I have tried to do a bit of background checking on this South African boyband. It seems like they were formed in 2011 and released a self titled album as a four piece, before losing a member and becoming the trio they are now. They just released a second album titled “Roulette,” which I downloaded on a whim. I also downloaded a few other albums with this one, but expected the others to be much better than this. I was shocked to find this album was solid from beginning to end!

I am not familiar with South Africa’s pop music scene, but I rarely see postings about pop musicians from the country and basically assume it’s pretty small. NRG didn’t even release a music video for the albums first single, also titled “Roulette,” which is a shame because the song is awesome.

The album, like many small budget overseas pop albums, has it’s share of flaws. For one, there are A LOT of covers on the album. I let it slide for the most part though as most covers aren’t well known, but rather remakes of songs that appeared on other international pop singers LP’s, such as their version of Swedish singer Sanna Nielsen’s song “Trouble” from her latest album “7.” The only cover that I don’t approve of is their “Wrecking Ball” cover. I’m just nitpicking at this point though. I am fully enjoying this album!


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