K-Flop Group Scarlet Are The New Queens Of Quality

Cheap and tacky rookie group Scarlet have released their 2nd single “Hip Song” (subtle title), in the midst of larger girl bands making major comebacks such as f(x) and FIESTAR, so it would be safe to assume they will get overlooked completely. Whereas f(x)’s “Red Light” is one of those noisy genre-bender songs you either think is the second artistic coming of Mozart, or you think it’s total try-hard trash, and FIESTAR’s “One More” has a generic but enjoyable quality to it, the forgotten Scarlet song is basically song of the century.


Okay, the music video looks like it cost about as much as Heidi Montag’s entire videography combined, but here as Flopstar Blog we ONLY focus on the talent, and there is a lot of talent to go around. Sure, the term “talent” might be undefinable in this situation, but the song is iconic. It’s got a 90’s EDM beat and processed vocals making it a europop/k-pop cross over masterpiece. Their debut single “Do Better” was also pretty amazing. I bopped to that track at the gym for a solid week, (a week is a long ass time in the disposable pop world). Scarlet are the true upcoming megastar sexy icons the world has been waiting for!




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I love flop music and I am here to share that with you. My twitter is @ShayneOfficial
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