Hyo Min’s “Nice Body” is Offensive to Women Everywhere Meaning It Slays

To be perfectly honest I never noticed Hyomin in T-ara until the sub-unit thing happened. Jiyeon was and still is my bias. I wasn’t overly excited when I found out Hyomin was going solo, but I kept an open mind anyway. What did we get from her? A truly offensive music video and song that sets feminism back 50 years! Impressive.

The song lyrics are literally about how she starves herself to be sexy in order to one day land a man. “I take note on everything I want to eat… I endure all the pains…. I’m going to be prettier….I will change, you will see” she sings over a standard Brave Brothers beat. “Every man thinks about sex at least once. If only they were thinking about me, would be great if it were me.” I suppose I can’t really criticize her for these lyrics. I spend my days basically eating lettuce and protein shakes and live at the gym in order to hopefully keep passably hot, so in a way this song is a very personal one. Taylor Swift could never!

The video isn’t much more empowering. The plot is basically about how a heavy set girl, (heavy set people apparently binge eat like cartoon characters), who wishes she had a slender hot body so guys would check her out. The main dance of the video sees Hyomin using a measuring tape to show how small her waist is.

This may set feminism back to the 40’s, but it slays nonetheless. Let’s all be honest: if out bodies looked as good as Hyomin’s, we would show of off and brag about it too.




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