Those Crazy Europeans Make Racism Club-Friendly With “Salsa Tequila”


Norway got a viral hit last year with that gimmicky “The Fox” song but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Novelty acts are the norm in Europe, and have been for years now. (“Barbie Girl” anyone?). Generally they range from absurdly enjoyable to next level amazing. This new offering titled “Salsa Tequila” by Anders Nilsen falls somewhere in the middle.

Every great novelty act needs a gimmick at the center of their track anchoring it together. What has our dear Anders chosen? Racism! Yay! Anders claims that “to make the ultimate summer hit,” one must incorporate “a dancey beat, an accordion, a saxophone, and…Spanish lyrics!” I wrote about this strangely addicting phenomenon last year in my review for Selena Gomez “Come & Get It.

So two things: 1. He ain’t lying. This formula almost always works. Like here for example. Oh and here. And don’t forget here. And 2. The gimmick is completely racist. Well not exactly “racist” per say, at least not intentionally.

A little context: this type song dance song has been used an abused for YEARS in Europe. For nearly 4 consecutive years a song like this won Eurovision in the mid-2000’s, and even today these songs are still showing up in the contest. The song at it’s core is parodying silly summer euro dance hits, not the Spanish language. Unfortunately it comes across poking fun at Latin stereotypes. (That doesn’t mean I don’t have this instant classic on repeat as we speak of course, even if I cringe while doing so).

So is this song wrong to enjoy? Well I suppose that is for the Spanish community to decide. Just remember if you wish to enjoy the track, make sure to turn the switch on your brain to the “off” position.



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