Your Fav’s Careers R.I.P. Straight To Heaven Moments After Tijana Releases “To The Sky” Music Video


F.Y.R. Macedonian pop icon Tijana has released the music video for her Eurovision Song Contest 2014 entry “To The Sky” and it’s a game changer. Lady T doesn’t mess around. She exudes the class and refinement of Kate Middleton and the star quality of Beyonce. Just take a look at Tijana modeling eye-wear on her single cover as fiercely as a top model in a Gucci frames advertisement on the pages of Vogue.

In the high production value piece, Tijana moves from location to location with grace and elegance whilst surrounded by homoerotic male models. The video has a very deep and meaningful plot as well. Tijana is seen fixing a man’s tie in the back seat of a car, symbolizing that she is a fag hag who always has her gay at heart, getting him ready for his date. After her gay’s date ends, she allows him and his date access to her bedroom for some naked fun! I’m sure her gay friend’s Grindr profile reads: “hosting at a fag hag’s house tonight” in his ‘about me’ section. She is a true gay icon!

Tijana also poses provocatively in a bathtub in a similar fashion to Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You” video, and poses next to a glass plate covered in rain droplets similar to Kylie Minogue’s “Kiss Me Once” album cover. Lady T is stealing all your fav’s careers and redefining them to suit herself. Now indulge your senses in Eastern Europe’s finest art.


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