Girls Generation Release OST Songs and They Slay


BoA’s debut American film “Make Your Move” has finally been given a release date, thus allowing the soundtrack for the film to finally also get a release. There are two songs by SNSD on the OST, one being the Tiffany and Jessica heavy “Cheap Creeper” and the Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal duet “Say Yes.”

“Cheap Creeper” is basically a rip off of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” in both theme and sound. Super catchy and ferice, this track is better than their recent Korean thud “Mr. Mr.” Too bad they didn’t save this track for their Korean comeback instead!

Jessica’s “Say Yes” is so amazing. It has a total pop-in-2002 sound with it’s snake charmer beat. The TRL realness totally slays me in every way. There is even an ill as fuck rap breakdown toward the end. Get into the glory below.


Cheap Creeper:

Say Yes:

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