Eurovision 2014: Flopstars Favorites Part 4!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen is here in mere weeks. I will be in Berlin voting my arse off for a couple of these acts. Which you ask? Well great question! In honor of the greatest music contest of all time, I have chosen my favorite songs of the 2014 contest for you. This post will be about the classic Euro-trash tracks.

Mei Finegold – Same Heart (Israel)
This is basically the “What About My Dreams” of 2014. It’ll go overlooked at the final, (if it even makes the final), but it will surely become a fan favorite for years to come.

Tijana – To the Sky (F.Y.R. Macedonia)
Mega-talent Tijana is giving all your favorite pop girls a run for their weaves with this crossover masterpiece. Homegirl doesn’t even need to pretend like she’s singing live to impress. The ESL lyrical content is more emotional that “Wrecking Ball” could ever be. New goddess of pop have arrived to bless our souls!

Maria Yaremchuk – Tick – Tock (Ukraine)
Campy and sexy, this type of music is heavily lacking at Eurovision this year. I am hoping the lack of competition allows Maria to get to the final. For the first time ever, there is truly nobody like her in the contest!


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I love flop music and I am here to share that with you. My twitter is @ShayneOfficial
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