Eurovision 2014: Flopstars Favorites Part 3!


The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen is here in mere weeks. I will be in Berlin voting my arse off for a couple of these acts. Which you ask? Well great question! In honor of the greatest music contest of all time, I have chosen my favorite songs of the 2014 contest for you. This post will be about the clubby dance tracks.

Donatan – Cleo – Slavic Girls (Poland)
When I first heard this song I was all like, “oh no henny,” but upon a few listens I have realized this song is an epic masterpiece completely ahead of it’s time. I mean, the beat alone is brilliantly layered. Oriental flute mixed with urban claps and bagpipes? When will Iggy Azalea ever?

Twin Twin – Moustache (France)
This will most likely flop at Eurovision as it’s not every bodies cup of tea, but I can’t get enough of it. It’s fun and a bit quirky. Too bad France flops nearly every year at Eurovision.

Freaky Fortune Feat. Riskykidd – Rise Up (Greece)
Probably one of the best songs competing in Eurovision this year. It’s a total EDM club track that could transcend the typical Eurovision crowd and play in clubs and music festivals all over Europe.


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I love flop music and I am here to share that with you. My twitter is @ShayneOfficial
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