Eurovision 2014: Flopstars Favorites Part 2!


The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen is here in mere weeks. I will be in Berlin voting my arse off for a couple of these acts. Which you ask? Well great question! In honor of the greatest music contest of all time, I have chosen my favorite songs of the 2014 contest for you. This post will be about the power pop tracks.

Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria)
Conchita Wurst type of drag confuses me. She’s not your typical drag queen, and that statement has nothing to do with her beard. She’s not over the top and campy, she’s not lipsyncing for her life. In interview’s she doesn’t throw out words like “MMMMkay bitch!” or “fierce!” Her type of drag is fairly subtle. Perhaps is a European thing. Anyhow, this song is fantastic. It sounds like a James Bond theme song. If you took Garbage’s “The World Is Not Enough” and mashed it up with Adele’s “Skyfall,” you would have “Rise Like A Phoenix.” Conchita’s voice adds to the song as well, and live she is PERFECT.

Molly – Children of the Universe (United Kingdom)
The UK has been an embarrassment at Eurovision for the last decade or so, but this will hopefully change that. It’s fairly modern and likable. Nothing next level, but if this won the contest this year I would be pretty happy to be perfectly honest.

Tolmachevy Sisters – Shine (Russia)
With Russian being the hot mess it currently is, nobody was expecting them to have a solid number this year. This track is sort of James Bond-esque, but a bit too bubble gummy to fully commit to the danger. It’s as if Tom Cruise’s Mission Imposable films were made by Disney Channel. It’s catchy and throw away, meaning I love it!


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