Eurovision 2014: Flopstars Favorites Part 1!


The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen is here in mere weeks. I will be in Berlin voting my arse off for a couple of these acts. Which you ask? Well great question! In honor of the greatest music contest of all time, I have chosen my favorite songs of the 2014 contest for you. This post will be about the dramatic ballads.

Axel Hirsoux – Mother (Belgium)
This mega-cheesy power ballad about turning to your mother when you’re going through hard times is truly the type of over-the-top drama I specifically look out for each year when I give the Eurovision album a listen.

Carl Espen – Silent Storm (Norway)
One of the few songs competing in the contest that I may go as far as to say is too good for the contest. It’s not corny, it’s not over-the-top, it has zero camp factor. It’s just a stripped down ballad about dealing with depression, (or at least that is my interpretation anyhow). It’s haunting and gorgeous.

Sanna Nielsen – Undo (Sweden)
I’ve already written about this track multiple times, but regardless of my shifting opinions of the track, it’s amazing. Easily one of the best pop ballads of 2014 and totally deserves to place highly at the final.


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