Male and Female Counterparts Tooji and Adelen Release New Singles


There are way too many similarities between Norwegian pop singers Tooji and Adelen. They both go by one name. Their debut singles – Tooji’s Middle Eastern influenced dance pop anthem “Stay” and Adelen’s Spanish influenced dance pop anthem “Bombo” – both sounded alike, shot to number 1 on the Norwegian singles chart, had similar performances and both came from Norge MGP. Both are icons forever inside the heart of Flopstar Blog. And lastly, both have released a new single this month.


Adelen’s came first. “Always On My Mind” is a genre change for her, as it features ZERO Latin influence. Gone are the dance pop songs featuring 1 word in Spanish repeated 100 times over an electric accordion, and instead we find a total Sunday Funday style EDM track perfect for chugging elegantly sipping mimosas with the BFF’s. This style suits her very well. The video is also pretty solid with it’s pretty imagery and A-for-effort attempt at a dance routine.


Tooji has also switched genre’s again. We went from belly dancer with “Stay” to edgy EDM festival goer last year with “Rebels.” His latest track “Packin’ Guns” is nothing like those though. It’s sort of odd. It’s urban and a bit trap, but it doesn’t flow in the way Ace Wilder’s artistic urban anthem “Bitches Like Fridays” did. It’s catchy though and sorta crunk. The video on the other hand is basically my nightmare come to life. It’s campy and features a bunch of children trying to be hood. Children in your music video is never a good look. The opening sequence where Tooji is telling them a story and talks about being “hood” with the children is also startling and uncomfortable. Gangsta surely is not his thing.




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