Can We Just Talk About My Favorite New Boyband For A Second?


So I was browsing Swedish iTunes the other week, (yes I am so lame that I do such things), and I came across this truly iconic boyband(?) called De Vet Du. Their group concept seems to be if you took a bit of LMFAO’s humor, some typical boyband looks, and a Randy Blue gay porn and blended them all together. This is a hot mess that is truly heavy on the hot. Let’s investigate these boys talented very closely:

1. They love getting naked.

Party anthem “Klä av dig naken” is amazing. It’s one of those super turnt up frat boy jams that makes you want to chug beer and scream “fuck yeah!” at people for no apparent reason. The video is basically a gay porn, with the boys getting naked and jumping all over each other. I’m fine with this.


2. They are underwear models:

I mean, I don’t see One Direction modeling Björn Borg underwear. Just sayin’.


3. They are “funny”:

Ok so I don’t really find their humor funny. They make fun of domestic fashion blogger Andreas Wijk in multiple music videos, but should back off to be honest because King Andreas is just as hot as all 5 of these guys, if not even a bit hotter.


4. The love their boners:

They made an entire music video about how much they love showing off their erections. When will your fave?


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