4Minute Release Extremely Odd New Single and Video “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”


HyunA and her backup singers have released a new single titled “Whatcha Doin’ Today?” and it is all kinds of weird. The manic song covers multiple styles, including show tunes, jazz, disco, and rap. A strange combination with mixed results. It’s a bit hard to tell what they were going for with this combination.


The video is even stranger. There is an odd scene where one member is posing and making sexy faces while on the toilet taking a s**t with guys around her doing choreography. Another scene sees a dancer vomiting cutely into a urinal. This strange public restroom concept is boggling my mind, (is this the adorable reenactment of George Micheal’s infamous restroom debacle?), but I will say there is some fierce fashion in the video. I can sort of dig this quirky concept from the girls though. Alright ladies, I can get down, but let’s do something a little less bathroom oriented next time please.



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