Sergey Lazarev Makes A Perfect Pop Video With “Take It Off”


My lord and savoir Sergey Lazarev has dropped a bomb on me today. After releasing one of my all time favorite songs, the truly inspiring “Take It Off,” he shelved the video for no reason for almost 2 years. My heart wept daily, but he must’ve heard my prayers because he’s finally debuted the art piece. Was it worth the wait? YES. Why? Let me explain.


“Take It Off” is basically a perfect song. It’s unapologetically Euro-trashy and the beat really does not let you rest. With such a great pop song, one would need to make sure the elements in its accompanied video were just as great. There would need to be:

  • A lot of skinOh and there is. Sergey rocks abs during the entire 3 and a half minute clip. Button up shirt? Lets bust it open! Leather jacket? It’s only pecs length. T-shirt? It’s off flying over his head. Besides Sergey, the video is also filled with scenes of other people getting naked. Girls, guys, whomever wants to strip. The way the world should work, no?
  • Hot fashions
    I would wear pretty much everything Sergey does in this video. From his leather gladiator inspired cropped vest, to his Pepto Bismol pink skinny jeans, to his see-through button up; these pieces are all styles I an now planning to rock on a regular basis.
  • Killer choreography
    Killer is an understatement. There is not just one signature chorus dance routine, there are THREE. Each chorus gets it’s own iconic dance routine. From fist pumping, to Magic Mike stripping, to full on shuffling, this video packs major moves. My personal favorite move? The put-your-back-into-it booty pop at the beginning of the clip.
  • Interesting geometric set design
    The entire video was obviously shot via green screen. With the use of such technology, SerGOD can effortlessly twerk through geometric spinning corridors. The spinning hallways scenes are among my favorite scenes in the video.
  • CAMP & CHEESE (most important)
    This video packs a lifetime supply of camp. Hardly a moment goes by where the LordT isn’t winking, grinning, head snapping, or rubbing down his body suggestively. There are more flashes of abs and cheesy crotch grabs in this video than in a Randy Blue gay porno. Why can’t more artists embrace such true artistic expression?




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