The People’s Princess Ace Wilder Releases Video for Number 1 SMASH HIT “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”


Going from unknown Swedish civilian to chart topping pop princess of the people overnight must be tough, but luckily for us, Ace Wilder is up to the task! Icon A has debuted the music video for her truly next-level Melodifestivalen entry “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” just as the song debuts at number 1 on the Swedish singles chart.

In a truly horrific turn of events on par with any natural disaster, wicked devil Sanna Nielsen clenched the Melfest victory over angelic [gr]Ace Wilder in the same way George W. Bush unjustly beat out Al Gore during the United States presidential elections of 2000, (we demand a recount!!), with Germany playing the role of controversial Florida in the scandalous voting, (first WWII and now this, thanks for nothing Germany!). As every high school social science teacher says the first day of class: history repeats itself! Now we sit and wait until Sanna W. Bush crashes and burns in the financial deficit of European pop music: EUROVISION; while Ace Gore goes on to grab an Oscar nomination for her humanitarian work.

As any reader of my Melfest coverage knows, I actually love “Undo.” It’s cheesy and traditional. That said, cheesy and traditional is the best way to get on the right side of the score board at the ESC final, (with wacky and tacky getting you stuck not qualifying for the final at all). A nice standard ballad isn’t going to thrill the whole of Europe like an edgy futuristic tune like “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” would, but I digress.


Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘hey, didn’t you say in an earlier post that Sweden’s placing at Eurovision didn’t matter!’ to which I would reply: yes I did. But watching the final and seeing the squandered opportunity for Sweden to once again prove itself as a forward thinking pop machine, I realized it kind of does matter. A gentleman is allowed to change his mind, is he not!?

Anyway, enough about that. The video truly slays. Sweden isn’t known for it’s music videos. Hell, we’re lucky if we even get one 99% of them time, let alone it actually being good. In true Ace Wilder form though, the queen has transcended her countries lazy habits by putting out a video that is honestly amazing. Ace may sing about being a typical lazy Swede, but she works up quite the sweat with a killer dance routine executed to perfection and editing that enhances the viewing experience. The shaky camera work adds that element of intensity to what would be a rather cut-and-dry video otherwise. Oh that Ace, always one step ahead! Witness the number 1 charting anthem of the people and international jury favorite (sans Germany) below in full 1080p!



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4 Responses to The People’s Princess Ace Wilder Releases Video for Number 1 SMASH HIT “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”

  1. omg I really love this song and her! The EP she put out is SO GOOD as well! I think that she can probably go further than Eurovision, tbh. Especailyl since so many people in Sweden seem to like her. I’m excited to see what else she does! 😀

    Also, how does the voting in Melodifestivalen work? Other countries participate? I did not know that!

    • So during the semi finals and second chance rounds only Swedish public can vote. But that caused Sweden to send a lot of acts that were very domestic-only acts. So to make sure Sweden sent songs to Eurovision that could play well on an international level, foreign juries were added to the final. So only in the final there are other countries to give points!

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