Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 Review

Typically I just devote my time to Sweden’s Melodifestivalen and just kind of glance at the Norge and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix’. I still only sort of half follow Norge, but after being blown away by how strong Denmark’s selection was, I have decided to see if it was just a fluke or if Denmark is truly my new fave. Here are the songs!
Bryan Rice – “I Choose You” (Flopstar score: 8/10)
Everybody knows I stan Bryan Rice. His cheesy Disney-wedding pop music truly slays, (check out his amazing 3rd album “Another Piece of Me” for further proof), and “I Choose You” lives up to his pedigree. It’s cheese-tastic!
Rebekka Thornbech – “Your Lies” (Flopstar score: 5/10)
A folk/pop track that has a very classic right-side of the Eurovision scoreboard sound. Very throw away. It isn’t terrible, but totally average and forgettable.
Sonny – “Feeling The You” (Flopstar score: 3/10)
Among this really strong selection, this is probably the weakest entry in the entire 2014 selection. It’s one of the very few songs to feature some sort of variety here – all the other tracks are straight up Scandinavian pop – but this track is more of an American R&B song similar to what Justin Timberlake is boring the world with at the moment. Pass.
Danni Elmo – “She’s The One” (Flopstar score: 7/10)
A really nice, if slightly unspectacular dance-ballad. I will have no issue playing this on repeat as it’s pretty good, but there are stronger tracks in this selection.
Emilie Moldow – “Vi finder hjem” (Flopstar score: 9/10)
This is a GREAT ballad. After listening to this track, I really wished there were more Danish language R&B tracks in the selection this year. R&B is what the Danes seem to do best these days!
GlamboyP – “Right By Your Side” (Flopstar score: 9/10)
This track is amazing. It’s a blazing dance pop number that could become one of Flopstar blog’s year end favorites. No promises as its only March, but you never know!
Nadia Malm – “Before You Forget Me” (Flopstar score: 7/10)
A ballad? No wait, it’s a dance track! Denmark seems to be doing a lot of these this year, but Flopstar blog is not complaining! Another solid pop gem!
Basim – “Cliche Love Song” (Flopstar score: 5/10)
A Bruno Mars-ish ditty that is about as cliche as it’s title suggests. Not a terrible tune, but nothing amazing either.
Anna David – “It Hurts” (Flopstar score: 7/10)
Queen Anna “Fuck deg” David has returned to the music scene again! This is a proper pop ballad. Flopstar blog is not disappointing in the slightest!
Michael Rune & Natascha Bessez – “Wanna Be Loved” (Place: , Flopstar score: 8/10)
A sexy saxophone/house hybrid track that seems a bit 2012, but no complaints here. The song is awesome!
Grade: 8/10
Another really strong batch of songs! Screw Sweden, Denmark knows whats up! They don’t bother did non-pop genre tracks, (bye heavy metal!), and stick with mostly commercially appealing stuff. Now if only Norway would follow suit.

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