Melodifestivalen 2014: Andra Chansen Results!

 Andra Chansen – Lidköping grade: 0/10
There was only ONE act in AC I wanted to go through, JEM, and they didn’t even make the top 5! Oh well, there are some really awesome songs in the final, so it’s all good. Since we have heard all the songs already, instead of reviewing the tracks again I have decided to do a mega post of things I was please with, and not so pleased with this year!


Ace Wilder:
If you had asked me who Ace Wilder was 1 minute before she took the stage, I would have said “who?” But now I can’t keep her name out of my mouth. With a forward thinking song and edgy performance, she’s truly the breakout star of 2014!

What can I say? This was exactly what I wanted from Alcazar. The song and performance were perfect, and the impact it’s had on iTunes is truly legendary.

The results:
Two finals in a row, (semi final 3 and semi final 4), my top two favorites of the night went directly to final. In semi final two, my top two favorites either went to the final directly, or to Andra Chansen round. Though Andra Chansen results were disappointing, generally speaking things have been ok. Pop certainly seems to have made a huge comeback to the contest, and I’m pleased!


Janet Leon:
While I’m not disappointed with her song, (granted it took a few spins to grow on me), I’m very disappointed with her result. After being robbed last year, I thought she really deserved to at least go to Andra Chansen.

Oscar Zia:
I truly thought this song would be one of my favorites this year as I liked both of his previous singles. But “Yes We Can” is practically tuneless with it’s forgettable hook and weak melody. Such a waste!

Helena Paparizou:
I am a huge Helena fan, but “Survivor” is really sub-par at best. Even by Melfest standards, it’s a really generic ballad. Her staging is also nothing special, with her just standing around in a casual black outfit. One of the most overrated songs of Melfest 2014.

The hosts and intervals:
Last year featured the best hosts and interval acts I can even remember Melfest ever having. This year we got uncomfortable casually racist jokes, stiff delivery from stiffer hosts, and one waste of money CGI video that made no sense.

Hopes for next year!

Danny Saucedo returns, but not solo:
I either hope Danny comes back as a host or participant with fellow EMD members.

Less rock:
Having 2-3 metal acts a week is a bit much, SVT. I mean there were weeks where there weren’t even that many pop acts in 1 heat. With rocks low placing each week, I’m hoping less rock is green lit next year.


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