SNSD Girls Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” is Shockingly Terrible

My favorite girl band, the glorious Girls Generation, have finally made a comeback with a new mini album titled “Mr. Mr.” One would think this would be a time of celebrating, but alas the entire mini album is terrible. The title track should be called ‘Mister Shitster’ instead, as it’s one of the weakest songs they have ever released. I wouldn’t even wish a song like this on 2NO1currs, (who shockingly has a much stronger album than SNSD do). The track isn’t creative enough for me to excuse it’s lack of a hook, and it’s not catchy enough for me to excuse it’s lack of creativity. It’s basically throw away garbage.
The rest of the mini is also pretty awful. It’s a bunch of cheap cutesy nonsense you find all over SNSD albums toward the end. No thought was gone into these tracks whatsoever. Anyone could have recorded them. SM probably had these generic tracks lying around their library of demos for years. Really disappointing for Korea’s number 1 girl band!
I thought the visual that went along with the song would change my mind, but the music video is even worse than the song! The video plays out similarly to J.Lo’s shelved “Good Hit” video, in that there are a bunch of different concepts going on at the same time that do not connect in any way and seem cheap. We have color scenes where SNSD are playing nurses, scenes of them dancing in a parking lot dressed in casual mall attire, and scenes of them dressed in menswear on a b&w sound stage. It’s all poorly edited and poorly conceived. I realize they were in a rush as footage was accidentally erased, but I think you would have to be a pretty blind SONE to enjoy this mess.
Grade: 3/10

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