Melodifestivalen 2014: Heat 2 Scores!

Semi-final 2: Linköping
1. J.E.M. – “Love Trigger” (Place: 3rd/4th, Flopstar Score: 8/10)
This was basically a knock-off of & Britney Spears “Scream & Shout,” but who I am to complain? It was fun and perfect for the gym.
2. The Refreshments – “Hallelujah” (Place: 5th, Flopstar Score: 2/10)
Every year there is a group like this. Every year they go top 5 and scare the crap out of me. Luckily Sweden used it’s common sense and didn’t vote this garbage through!
3. Manda – “Glow” (Place: 8th, Flopstar Score: 4/10)
Awful vocals, awful song, awful outfit, awful staging; there was almost NOTHING right about this mess. If it has been a bit more fun I may have enjoyed it for the comedic value, but it wasn’t even guilty pleasure worthy.
4. Panetoz – “Efter solsken” (Place: 1st/2nd, Flopstar Score: 6/10)
To be honest, I have little opinion on this pleasant song. I am neither for it nor against it.
5. Pink Pistols – “I Am Somebody” (Place: 7th, Flopstar Score: 7/10)
While I do think the best part of this performance was them saying “lets go, girls!” at the beginning, the song itself was pretty decent. Big and gay, which is always welcome in the contest.
6. Sanna Nielsen – “Undo” (Place: 1st/2nd (but LBR it got 1st, Flopstar Score: 9/10)
Sanna is typically the pain in my ass at Melfest as she effortlessly breezes through to final with mediocre songs. “Undo” slays though. In a scale of boring ballad-to-big diva anthem, this one falls somewhere under Sarah Dawn Finers AMAZE “Moving On” and Molly Sandan’s extremely good “Why Am I Crying?” I STAN!
7. Little Great Things – “Set Yourself Free” (Place: 6th, Flopstar Score: 3/10)
No no no no no. This circa 2002 emo pop/rock was such a mess, and I am so glad is didn’t qualify!
8. Martin Stenmarck – “När änglarna går hem” (Place: 3rd/4th, Flopstar Score: 6/10)
Martin’s last single “Tonight’s The Night” went HARD, but this is a bit middle of the road. I’m happy with his place though, as he beat a few far worse acts.
Heat grade: 8/10
With multiple songs I enjoyed AND results I could get behind, I am very pleased this week!

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