Two Of 2014’s Best Songs So Far: Girls Day’s “Something” & AOA’s “Miniskirt”


I realize it’s only one month in, but it’s always good to get a grasp on which songs will likely end up on your year end list! Here are two strong contenders.


Girl Day’s new single “Something” is basically a remake of Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer,” but I can’t really hate as the ballad is instantly iconic. It’s pure filthy sex. The video is also just as iconic, borrowing concepts from previous K-pop groups.


After hearing AOA’s new single Miniskirt, which is a flawless remake of Sistar’s iconic “Alone“, I have decided all songs with ‘skirt’ in the title are good. (Thanks Kylie!) “Miniskirt” is a jazzy and seductive mid-tempo number that is pure sex. I am officially an AOA stan now!


People claim the music industry has no new ideas, but after these two tracks I would argue that I don’t need a new idea! Long live the recycle bin!


Grade for both: 10/10


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