Flopstar Blog’s Favorite Songs Of 2013 (Numbers 10-1!)

10. Luca Hänni – Shameless
This flop track is really one of the years best pop songs. With Justin Bieber releasing that basic boring crap on “Journals,” the world was lacking a really amazing dance pop boy. Luca even kind of looks like Justin. Ahead of it’s time!
9. T-ARA N4 – Countryside Life
Truly an instantly iconic masterpiece, this song slayed me on multiple levels. First there is the beat, which is a mashup of eurodance, hip-hop, folk, and trot (when will your fav?). Then there are the lyrics which are basically a huge middle finger to all T-ara’s haters. Rebel queens! To top it all off there are also two amazing music videos for the song. The dance version which features mind blowing choreo, and the “drama version” which is also epic as hell.
8. Anton Ewald – Can’t Hold Back
Anton released totally generic single “Begging” at the beginning of the year and I honestly wrote him off as a boring flop. When he released “Can’t Hold Back” though, I changed my tune. Sadly his release since “Can’t Hold Back” proves to me this quality was a fluke and he’s just a basic flop at heart.
7. Selena Gomez – Come & Get It
What kind of slay? I did not see this coming at all. I’ll be honest: I was never a Selena fan. I thought she was a crumb singer (a singer who takes the crumbs of other pop singers, aka she takes Britney’s rejects). Apparently that’s true as this is a Rihanna crumb, but it slays! At least she’s picking quality rejects this time around.
6. Candy Mafia – Cliche
Candy Mafia is a random Thai girl band who is most famous for ripping off other artists. These iconic plagiarists haven’t stopped doing what they do best because Cliche is amazing! It’s a rip off of Girls Generation’s “I Got A Boy” but really who could blame them?
5. Selena Gomez – Birthday
A mashup of Icona Pop’s indie electro, Rihanna’s crunkness, Britney’s sleekness and Spring Breakers edge? Party jam of the year!
4. Adelen – Bombo
The spring break jam of 2013, this song truly wows. Adelen is one of those instant stars Flopstar Blog lives for.
3. Namie Amuro – Hands On Me
Queen of J-pop released nothing but quality this year. Hands On Me boasts some of the years best choreography and beat breakdown. Effortlessly slaying every time!
2. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop
I personally thought Miley was over after Can’t Be Tamed [tragically] flopped. “We Can’t Stop” has the years best video and dazzles after hundreds of plays. New Miley > Old Miley.
1. Girls Generation – I Got A Boy
Girls Generation literally released this on Jan 1st, 2013 and set the bar so high that nothing that came after it’s release could measure up. This “Bohemian Rhapsody” of our generation placed on TIME and Billboard lists this year, and it’s easy to see why! The divine nine releasing musical masterpieces like it’s nothing!

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