Czar of Pop Sergey Lazarev Announces US Debut, Already The Best Album of 2013


Russian superstar SerGOD Lazarev has decided to invade American shores in some sort of Cold War style pop battle in hopes of snatching the wig right off our embarrassment of a president of pop Justin Timberlake’s head.

SerGOD almighty has given Britney Spears a run for her money in the lack-of-promo department: absolutely no promotion has gone into this stateside debut album. Tracklist? Who knows! Where will it be sold? iTunes maybe! Physical release? Probably not! He announced the album by RT-ing someone else’s tweet about it on twitter. Iconic! But who the fuck cares because this album will slay and probably become the best selling album of all time. I don’t even need to hear it to know it will end 2013 at the top, (or at least near the top), of Flopstar Blog’s year end list. Take that, Thriller!

My guess is it’ll be comprised of all his English language songs from his last two albums. If so the album already gets a 1000000/10 from Flopstar Blog, (read the review of his last album here for insight). “Take It Off” and “Stumblin'” alone would make this album better than 99% of the pop albums released in America this year. “Britney Jean” better watch out!


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