Britney Spears “Britney Jean” Album Review

As a member of the B-Army who stans for Legend B every chance I get, I will admit I did not come into my queen’s latest release with high expectations. Britney’s latest album “Britney Jean” came across a bit on the rushed side, especially with the lack of promotional activities Britney has been doing lately. I half expected the album to be a solid Disney Channel Original Star quality record, rather than a top tier pop icon quality record. After a good listen to the album, one can clearly hear the lack of effort and direction in the album, (hell, even Femme Fatale was more cohesive an effort), but that is not to say it’s completely horrible.
1. Alien: 7/10
The album opener which is produced by William Orbit is pretty stunning. It comes across as a dreamier and less sexed up version of “He About To Lose Me.” It’s not quite as good as “He About To Lose Me,” but it’s pretty good overall.
2. Work Bitch: 10/10
See my review here.
3. Perfume: 7/10
See my review here.
4. It Should Be Easy (Feat. 9/10
I can tell a lot of people will dislike this track for two reasons. Reason 1: is featured on it. Reason 2: There is so much auto-tune on the track that Britney comes across like R2D2 sending warning to Princess Lea via Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. I personally like this track though as it comes across like a lost track from Cheryl Cole’s 3 Words album.
5. Tik Tik Boom (Feat. T.I.): 7/10
A few months ago the demo to this song, performed by G.L.R., hit the web and got a pretty mixed response. The demo was fairly generic, but I like personally loved it because it sounded like a K-pop song. Britney’s version is a bit slower more urban, and is pretty listenable but as a whole the track has a generic feel that I can’t overcome.
6. Body Ache: 8/10
This is “Scream & Shout” part 3, (“Work Bitch” was part 2), and it does the job. put his stamp all over this track, but it’s icey electro beat is exactly what Britney is known for.
7. Til It’s Gone: 9/10
A slightly deeper house track that shows Britney at her most rave-y. This was the sound I was hoping she would go for with this album, but it’s nice that she at least gave us one solid EDM thumper.
8. Passenger: 3/10
One of the worst tracks on the album. Lyrically it’s a cornball fest, vocally it sounds more like her backup singer Myah Marie and Britney herself, and stylistically it sounds like a late-90’s 7th Heaven Original Soundtrack christian pop/rock song. Total filler.
9. Chillin’ With You (Feat. Jamie Lynn): 8/10
This is kind of a “How I Roll” part 2 at times, and at other times it’s a bit or an urban ballad. It’s kind of a confusing song overall, but the breakdown adds a quirk factor to the song. More so a grower than anything else.
10. Don’t Cry: 6/10
This is the “Criminal” of the album with it’s whistle beat. It is also sort of reminiscent of 2000-era Britney music. The nostalgia factor adds a solid point and a half to the score, as the song itself is a bit generic.
11. Brightest Morning Star: 4/10
Britney is singing about how Jesus helps her through hard times. If I wanted to listen to Christian rock, well I wouldn’t be buying a Britney Spears album.
12. Hold On Tight: 3/10
Not one of my favorites. It sort of reminds me of old-school Britney, but the type of old-school Britney that would include basic filler on her albums just to get to that 11 track list.
13. Now That I Found You: 6/10
What kind of generic filler is this? It’s literally the same song as Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” except nowhere near as good. Listenable, but why go for the knock off when the original is so easy to get?
14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix): 4/10
I am going to be perfectly honest: This remix is both not as good as the single version and unneeded. The only reason it was included was because of the backlash over Dr. Luke claiming the original mix was more haunting. Well, it’s not. honestly improved the track.
Overall, the slower moments on the album tend to run a bit mixed, with the uptempo moments shining a little brighter. The album recalls debut-era Britney with this uneven quality level. While far from being Britney’s best album, as an inexpensive promotional tool for her Vegas show it should work pretty well.
Grade: 7/10

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