Samantha Jade’s “Solider” is a Nice Song But Has a Tacky VIdeo


Samantha Jade, aka the Aussie pop star that isn’t Kylie Minogue or Ricki-Lee, is back with a new single called “Soldier” and it’s pretty good. Samantha has never been iconic like Kylord and Ricki-Leegend. Hell, even Jessica Mauboy cleans the floor with Slaymantha, (she wishes that was her nickname). But all her post-X Factor releases have been average or above, so she is heading toward slay territory. Soldier is probably her best post X Factor single to date. It’s a mid-tempo faux-ballad about love, but has a pretty catchy chorus.

The video is so cheap though. LIKE GURRLLL BYE. Here is basically all that happens in this practically art direction-free clip: Samantha stands against a wall. Some guy stands against a wall. Props courtesy of Pier 1 Import’s clearance section fall on the ground. She randomly ends up on what looks to be a public school’s performing arts center stage dressing in her grandma’s old fancy clothes. It’s all hard to watch without glazing over. So close to amazingness Samantha! So close!

Grade: 7/10


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One Response to Samantha Jade’s “Solider” is a Nice Song But Has a Tacky VIdeo

  1. Blake says:

    That awkward moment where Samantha Jade has actually outsold Ricki-Lee. In a short amount of time too!

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