Exhibit A: Miss A’s “Hush” is the Reason Why JYPE Stays Losing


JYP Entertainment is considered one of the “big 3” entertainment companies in South Korea, along with SM Entertainment and YG Family. SME is clearly the crowned king, while YG and JYP tend to fight it out for runner up. When the most recent earnings for each company were reported to the public not long ago, something alarming happened. SME clenched the gold medal and YG grabbed silver. By contrast though, JYP was basically not even bronze. That sorry company was going for that rust medal. How did JYP fall from grace with such a thump that it could have doubled as a natural disaster sized earth quake?

Exhibit A:
JYPE currently only has one major girl band under their current line up as the Wonder Girls careers are fucked up due to mishandling, but that’s another article altogether. Miss A are the labels wonder women. They roll that dough and bake that bread that JYP so desires. Unfortunately they have been flopping for a while now. Their last release Independent Women Part 3 tanked on the charts faster than Michelle Williams solo career could ever. They are trying to make amends with new single Hush, but it’s another train wreck.

The video is fine. The girls look sexy and dance moderately well. The vocals are pretty and they harmonize well. The production of the song is where things get into disaster territory. Nobody should need to wait 2 full minutes into a song before getting to hear the full production of a track. A few months back JYPE fucked up Ivy’s comeback single I Dance by doing exactly the same thing. Nobody was here for that boring-until-the-last-20-seconds flop, and more than likely nobody will be here for this song unless Miss A pull a Gaga and promote it into the ground. JYPE needs to figure out what works and stick to it, because they are currently a far cry from the label that once had to threaten to sue anyone who copied their career defining style during their SNSD crushing Nobody era. They #staylosing.

Grade: 4/10



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