Project #StopSia2013 aka Britney Spears “Perfume” Single Review


Queen of pop Britney Spears has released a new single entitled Perfume from her upcoming album Britney Jean. After WORK BxxCH flopped, (not that Britney seemed to even care), RCA has taken vastly overrated Aussie song writer Sia and tried to re-brand Britney as some sort of Adele 2.0 with this snoozey new ballad that is surely going to double as a plug for her fragrance collection.


Britney, (or team Britney rather), has been toting this song as being extremely personal and being completely free of auto-tune. The track itself is fairly decent, especially for a Sia song, and features Britney’s best vocals in at least 10 years. Though it is more emotional than most of Britney’s club jams in recent history, lyrically the track is about home wrecking so I cannot fathom that this song is as relatable or personal as [team] Britney would have us believe.


As much as I detest Sia as a song writer, RCA is trying to get a Wrecking Ball for Britney and save the Britney Jean era, and it might possibly work out. It’s pretty radio friendly and I can see this track playing over different radio formats. So however it sounds, it is still a relatively smart move. Hopefully this won’t open a flood gate to an upcoming “Buy My Kohl’s Collection” song from Queen B.


Grade: 7/10



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