Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” Album Review


We all know Lady Gaga is mentally insane. Her public antics make me shake my head on a daily basis. That said, Gaga can make pretty amazing music when she leaves her ego at the door. The Fame Monster EP was pretty much pop perfection. On the other hand Born This Way, her last album, was a total wreck, so Gaga can go either way.


The best moments on ARTPOP tend to be it’s most vapid. Sassy dance number Donatella is pure fun with it’s silly lyrics about having gay BFF’s and glamorization of eating disorders to fit into hot outfits. Swine is pure EDM gold, with an intense breakdown that will destroy your speakers. Oddly genius ratchet anthem Jewels & Drugs will have gays everywhere pretending to like rap music in their bedrooms. G.U.Y will surly become every bottom boy’s anthem, and Aura has a fun belly dancing beat for the clubs.


The rest of the album suffers from two main things: 1. Gaga’s art school pedigree sized ego, and 2. Gaga’s obsession with chart success. Whenever Gaga decides she is a pure artiste, things tend to south down hill really fast. The truly tuneless Venus is all over the place and ends up sounding like a 70’s cartoon theme song mixed with a Pet Shop Boys left over, and the musical theater ballad Dope has no place on the charts or in a pop album. On the other hand, when Gaga channels her inner chart grabbing copy cat, things get bland really quickly. Do What U Want, Sexxx Dreams, the title track ARTPOP, and Fashion! all come across as Kylie Minogue b-sides with their bland disco dance pop beats. If Gaga can bridge the gap between fun and innovation, she could really make something great. But until then, I will just replay The Fame Monster EP.


Grade: 6/10



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