Rihanna Does Absolutely Nothing In Her “Pour It Up” Video


I want to love Rihanna. She’s trashy, tacky, and a total bitch. She’s obsessed with nudity and drugs and don’t seem to give a fuck ’bout nothin’. That makes for a template of all the things I love, right? Well for some reason it has always been tough for me to connect with the edgy songstress.

Pour It Up is a messy ratchet song about money and strippers. This is the track Rihanna wanted instead of Miley Cyrus’ now timeless classic We Can’t Stop. Perhaps Rihanna needs to put the blunt down and rethink things.

The extremely literal video itself is also a let down. Rihanna channels some Amuro Namie Make It Happen realness by sitting on a throne while dancers do all the work, (by dancers I really mean strippers on poles who aren’t even on the same set as Rihanna is). I’m sure having to edit 4 minutes worth of scenes of Riri sitting in a chair must’ve been really stressful and challenging, but surely the nearly half year delay for the video was a bit unnecessary. The whole thing feels extremely anticlimactic, (especially after Work Bitch just yesterday).

Grade: 3/10



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