Britney Spears “Work Bitch” Video Is Basically A Flawless K-Pop Video

The legendary miss Britney Spears has released her video for her unnecessary flop Work Bitch, and I love it as expected, but I couldn’t help but notice that the video follows a very tried & true formula that has been present in K-pop for years now. Here is a quick break down of the Work Bitch formula:
Britney vogues in front of a white wall next to a pool with some hotties and then goes underground for some BDSM fun just like Lee Jung Hyun’s did in Crazy:
Britney breaking it down in the dusty desert serves 4Minute dance routine teas from their iconic HUH video:
The random flashes of cars throughout the video are basically similar to every K-pop video, but I will post a clip of SHINee’s Lucifer just for argument’s sake:
She destroys Lady Gaga manniquins just like EXID did in Whoz That Girl:
The flawless lay-on-the-ground dance routine recalls Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl dance routine:
But aside from her K-pop inspired crisp and vibrant visuals, Britney serves serious dance moves that recall her Me Against The Music era routines. The fashion is on point, (besides that pink dress perhaps), the body is looking right, and that weave is her best weave in years. There is also a flawlessly iconic amount of product placement, to a caliber unseen in any pop music video this year. This is easily one of her better post-meltdown videos. Hopefully this album 8 era will be full of videos of this high caliber.
Grade: 9/10

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