Christopher Crowns Himself The Most Basic Popstar Alive With “Told You So”


Being a basic ass pop bitch in 2013 is hard. There is a lot of competition and a ton of criteria to meet. You have to have a paper thin voice, weakly written hooks, absolutely no innovation, very little personality, and an obvious lack of budget to really be the most basic of all the flops. Denmark’s equivalent of Casper Smart/Madina’s trophy boy toy Christopher in determined to meet all the criteria. His first album was a cheap Cody Simpson knock off record, and now he’s back with ridiculous new hair and a new track that sounds like something Justin Timberflake passed on.

Told You So begins a new chapter in basichood for the singer. He has ditched his guitar pop sound for a sleek and sexy funk pop sound that is extremely similar to Johnny Ruffo’s trash flop Untouchable a few months ago. Danish Casper Smart holds his balls as tight as possible while hitting the highest of high falsetto notes and making breathy come-ons to the “lehdez.” The video shows Christopher dancing a bit and following a chick with big hair around like a stalker, but the only thing I really felt was noteworthy was the utilization of his new hairdo by incorporating a strong blowing wind machine in all of his close up shots. Hey, he may suck at what he does, but at least he has Pantene worthy hair.
Grade: 3/10

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