Tooji “Rebels” Review


Norwegian pop icon and former first last placing Eurovision Song Contest champion Tooji is finally back to the music scene after a two year absence. Rebels is everything one could ask for from the pop singer, with it’s intense EDM Avicii-like beat. This song is going to destroy my stereo system.


The first half of the video consists of edgy hipster beauty shots with Tooji (who is rocking life-changing hair), glaring into the camera in the middle of nowhere. A female model sort of hangs around on the side looking like she’s loaded on crack but she really isn’t much of a focal point. The climax of the video is when Tooji ‘wears burqa for fashion’ like he’s an extra in a Lady Gaga video, and screams a bit in a really pretentious hipster way. Iconic!


Grade: 8/10



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I love flop music and I am here to share that with you. My twitter is @ShayneOfficial
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