The Truth About Cher’s New Album “Closer To The Truth” Hurts


Who doesn’t love Cher? She’s hilarious to follow on twitter, and her no-nonsense personality comes across as totally charming. She’s even a fantastic singer, and has a bunch of timeless classics under her belt. But somewhere between the time she released last album Living Proof 10 years ago and now, she has completely lost touch with the world. Just looking at the insanely cheap and tacky cover art, one gets an idea of what is to come.


Closer To The Truth is packed full of extremely auto tuned eurotrash dance stompers, but unfortunately they are about 5 years too late. The tracks are beyond generic, and auto tune is off trend at the moment. Madonna is the queen of jumping on trendy bandwagons about a year too late, but Cher has given her a run for her money by jumping on band wagons 3 years too late. Aside from the dated sounds, the tracks smell of cheap. Lead single Woman’s World is so throw away that it didn’t even register with the public, whereas other tracks such as Dressed To Kill are dusty remakes from flop artists repackaged for a most likely discounted price. Red totally rips off Taylor Swifts lyrical content from her song of the same name. A bulk of the album sounds like it could have been left over from Lady Gaga‘s The Fame era. Cher is so much better than this. It’s sad to see an icon putting little-to-no effort in making quality pop music. Lone stand out track on the album is the odd country dance track I Walk Alone, with it’s fun beat and infectious chorus.


Later in the album the tempo slows down, with the last 4 songs all being beyond bland ballads. Sure, Cher has pipes, but these ballads are little-to-no drama to them. This era is most likely become a forgotten era for the icon, which is a shame.


Grade: 4/10


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2 Responses to The Truth About Cher’s New Album “Closer To The Truth” Hurts

  1. Flop says:

    I agree with this review. I’m a huge Cher fan, but this is one of her worst albums ever. We waited 12 years for this garbage? The dance music she did was cool with Believe and Living Proof, but now it’s just tired. All of the songs sound so dated and plain and none of them stand out. The album is already a flop, selling only 61,000 copies in its’ first week. That speaks volumes. She really needs to stop with the dance music and go back to rock.

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