F-VE DOLLS Bring T-ARA N4’s Dani Aboard For “Can You Love Me?”, Everybody Loses


FL-P DOLLS mega flop single Soulmate #1 which was released about a month ago went nowhere, and T-ara is now a 6 member group, so CCM has decided to take that random bitch Dani and throw her into F-VE DOLLS. Okay. The way these groups are being handled is beyond embarrassing. Girls are being added, then taken away, then re-added to groups everyday it seems. What a mess.


Anyhow, now that these two flop mega forces have teamed up, CMM hopes they will cancel out each other and create a hit. Sort of how two negatives make a positive in math. Well sadly the song, entitled Can You Love Me? (which is basically what they are asking the general music buying public), is a huge boring mess. Granted, Soulmate #1 slayed my life. Is was cheap and tacky, but oh so good. This track on the other hand? Enjoy flopping CCM. The video looks like it cost 3 won to produce, with this bland white walls and random chair in the middle for Dani to sit on from time to time. I have no idea who approved this wedding song mess as a single, but since A Pink is suddenly hot with this style, perhaps it can workout.


Grade: 3/10



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