Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” Video Review

As a worshiper of the holy Cyrus, I was wetting myself for the release of a new music video from Miley. When I heard she would be nude in the video for Wrecking Ball, I was double excited. Granted, I only found the song to be so-so, but I awaited nonetheless.
The video ends up being an edgy heroin chic fashion piece where Miley dresses like a 90’s Calvin Klein-y Kate Moss before getting completely naked on a giant demolition ball on a cheap set made of destroyed concrete slabs. It’s a very visually stunning video, but honestly if you muted the audio of the song and swapped it with her Lil Twist/Justin Bieber duet Twerk, it would work as a video just as well (if not even better). The few more emotional scenes where she is seen crying seem more obligatory than sincere, while the hyper sexualized scenes are too edgy for such a delicate ballad, (was the licking of the hammer a metaphor for the relationship going south due to bad head giving skills?). Miley needs to take a note from Rihanna’s video for Stay. Sure that song was whack as fuk, but Rih’s nudity came across as vulnerable. Miley’s ends up coming across as pure shock value, (which would work better with a different song).
As a whole this Ratchet Ball era seems more so something calculated by her label rather than Miley herself. Miley just wants to party and take her clothes off, and I think it’s about time we just accepted that.
Grade: 6/10

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