Danny Saucedo Can’t Stop Pimping Out “Todo El Mundo”

Swedish poptart turned king of Banda Danny Saucedo is desperately trying to make this Todo El Mundo (Dancing In The Streets) thing work like he’s Gretchen in “Mean Girls” and Todo is his “fetch,” (spoiler alter: it’s never going to happen).  First he released the song itself, followed by a music video, (rare for a Swedish release), then followed by a “fan version” video, and now there’s an official Spanish language version that has in turn also received the video treatment. The song itself is a total dud, but since Señor Saucedo is so incredibly thirsty for Todo to workout and to become a modern day Julio Iglesias with a 6-pack, I’ve come up with 10 more ways for Dannito Chulo to continue to worthlessly pimp out this track:
  1.  Come out with a Portuguese language version.
  2. Come out with a Brazilian-Portuguese language version.
  3. Come out with a Vine version of the video. Sure, Vines are only about 5 seconds long, but this can work as he can post a 5 second clip every week for the next 50 or so weeks, elongating this era into 2014.
  4. Post some of the lyrics on one of Eric Saade’s Forgive Me selfies on his official Instagram. With their reported recent feud, this will help gain press!
  5. Get Molly to feature and have her sing in Spanish!
  6. Get Molly to feature and have her sing in Portuguese!
  7. Get Molly to feature and have her sing in Brazilian-Portuguese!
  8. Film a new video for each one of those new Molly versions!
  9. Remix it with the Mexican National Anthem.
  10. Open up his own Todo El Mundo gym chain in Stockholm, complete with flat assed white girls and endless amounts of hair product for him to fully realize this concept. Art imitates life!
If the Boy From Ipanema follows my direction, he can successfully postpone that already indefinitely postponed new album even more! So, which upcoming version of Todo El Mundo are you least most excited for?

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