Max Barskih’s “#HERO_IN” Review

As everyone who has heard me talk about Max Barskih knows well, I consider him the porno king of pop music. Over multiple album eras he has brought life into my veins with his overly slutty music videos and euro trash electro pop music. Lately though, he seems to have moved on from that and instead gone for a trendy hipster vibe, (albeit with a little Miley-esque sluttiness still intact), and that is no more apparent than with his new song title #HERO_IN. Okay, granted you all know I am a sucker for a druggy concept. An overly glamorized musical account about being strung out? Sign me up! But alas, the song is just okay. It’s a bit moodier than his past work, but it’s also a bit more mellow. I could use another Dance about now!
The video is basically a 5 minute pretentious hipster piece where Max and a chick roll around in B&W while doing super grungy heroin-chic things like mess with their purposefully messy hair and take pieces of clothing off while glaring into space. I sort of love the video as it’s exactly the kind of pretentious shit that makes me wanna go on Instagram and post a bunch of filtered selfies of myself.
Grade: 5/10

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