Katy Perry’s “Roar” Video Is Pretty Amazing

When I reviewed Katy Perry’s latest single Roar I basically mentioned that the song was basic as hell, and on top of that her VMA performance was one of the nights most dull, so when I heard about the video I just thought to myself, “meh, who cares?” To my surprise though, the video is pretty awesome.
Katy plays a a female Tarzan who goes through a transformation after her boyfriend gets mauled to death by a giant animal. Most people mourn the death of a loved one, but not Katy! She focuses on turning berries into makeup, creating a sexy new wardrobe of banana leaves for herself, and taking selfies with animals, (which by the way is the most seamless product placement of a cell phone in the middle of the jungle anyone could have done). It’s all pretty cute and enjoyable and is easily her best music video.
The video is childish but this is Katy Perry, and expecting anything else would be an unrealistic expectation. But she has one-upped Gaga on both the charts and now in the music video department.
Grade: 7/10

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