Ricki-Lee Crowns Herself Queen of Pop With “Come & Get In Trouble With Me”

True pop icon Ricki-Lee has returned with new brilliant single Come & Get In Trouble With Me. Her last album Fear & Freedom was like a Beyonce record mixed with a Rihanna record with splashes of Katy Perry, only a trillion times better than all 3 put together. Her newest release continues the perfection. Trouble is a track all about rebellion and having inconsequential fun. With iconic lyrics like, “milkshakes, burgers and fries. Makin’ out all night” Ricki cements herself as an brilliant lyricist as well as the new rebel queen of pop music. Just call her the James Dean of pop. This rebel without a cause is reeking havoc on wigs everywhere, all while keeping her own in check. Your weave is lookin’ right, gurl!
The track itself sort of sound like a cross between Kylie Minogue’s Love At First Sight and Carly Rae Jepson’s This Kiss, with a throwback disco pop sound that is more circa 2001 than 1978. She drops the f-bomb multiple times and sings about wanting to get naked and party. Such relatable lyrics have truly touched my heart!
In the video for Trouble, Ricki is seen topless and covered in gold paint, boozing it up with strippers (who are actually naked), breaking it out with intense choreography, sliding around in a cage, and looking the best she has ever looked. The video has a high production value and is easily one of the years best made videos. She follows the recent trend of showing boobs to sell your music, as Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga have all recently done. Ricki’s is classed up though, rather than just being pure shock shtick.
The video will not embed so click here to witness the glory.
Grade: 9/10

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